LV Pates are a baseball tournament team that works on the fundamentals of baseball at a competitive level. We strive for proper technique and the understanding of the game of baseball as we prepare the kids to get ready for the high school level of play. The Pates are headed by head coach Kevin Moyzan (Coach K) who has coached baseball  for over 10 years at all levels from little league to legion baseball to travel teams and has prided himself of being a student of the game. Coach K has been involved with baseball ever since he was 6 years old. He walked away from the game to go into the Marine Corps. Once he had a son, born in 2004, baseball came back into his life 5 years later and he hasn’t let it go since. Coach K is a very passionate and disciplined coach, both traits have been instilled through his family upbringing and reinforced by the military.These are the corner stone of structure that Coach K will bring to the field. Coach K started this team to try to give the kids a better path for success; to help give them a better chance to make their high school team when they have the opportunity to do so. While we strive to be successful and try to win games we all know winning comes when the kids put practice in to play and back it up with constant progression of their baseball self. Becoming a better baseball player everyday comes with the hard work we expect from the kids, at practice, outside of practice and during games. Being a part of this team is being a part of a family that will push each other to be better then yesterday’s person and baseball player and strive to succeed in life and in between the lines.

 I look forward to competing with the future High School stars of tomorrow.

Coach K

Head Coach- Kevin Moyzan


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